audio: Vinyl Sapiens – Zilele Astea (feat. Praetor, DJ Undoo & Achtern Styg)

This is the first single of the upcoming Vinyl Sapiens (Seb & I-gura) production album titled The Chronicle. The album will be released in 2012 and it will feature guest appearances from artists such as Praetor, DJ Undoo, DJ Wicked, A New Acquisition, A.O.K., Achtern Styg, Pax, Norzeatic, Lecart, Loyal MC, 1.2, The Grudge, Ais The Chef, Flou Rege, Exile, Cracku and more.

Production: Vinyl Sapiens
Vocals: Praetor
Cuts: Dj Undoo & Vinyl Sapiens
Mix / Master : Vinyl Sapiens
Piano: Achtern Styg