Interviu cu Rakaa Iriscience

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Cu ocazia evenimentului organizat de Sabotage, adică Expansion Team Soundsystem, mai pe scurt Rakaa Iriscience şi Dj Babu, ce va avea loc în seara zilei de 21 februarie, am avut oportunitatea de a schimba câteva vorbe cu Rakaa.

Ca să nu o mai lungim, discuţia noastră s-a rezumat următoarele:


What do you think about the Romanian Hip-Hop? Can you make a comparison between our country’s hip-hop and the one from America/Europe?
The stuff that I’ve heard is a dope balance of raw and mathematical. I don’t understand the lyrics, but musicians hear the colors and patterns. We know when it’s real, and it’s real in Romania. I’m sure that there’s weak shit too, but I don’t deal with that.

Rakaa, how did you end up collaborating with Vlad Dobrescu for the song “Turnul Babel”?
Vlad actually booked Dilated Peoples’ first show in Romania in Bucharest back in like 2008. He and his people even looked out for us when some sucker promoter that booked us for a gig in Timisoara just disappeared a day or 2 before the show. The bridge was built and the energy was good. He reached out about the collab and sent me links to some stuff to check out, and I liked what I heard so I was down.


Can you tell us, in a few words, how did the project “Expansion Team Soundsystem” reach Bucharest?
On one hand it is because dilated has been to Bucharest a couple of times and did what we came to do, and that we’ve put out good music and have done shows around the world that have echoed in Romania. On the other hand, it’s because Hefe reached out and built the bridges necessary to make it happen. Roots and branches.

Do you think that in the future you will perform in Romania even with the full Dilated Peoples, next to Evidence?
Yes. We do full Dilated Peoples shows very often, and the scheduling will line up relatively soon. We’re all very busy there days individually too — so the situation has to be right, but things are already being discussed. Hahahaa!


Acestea fiind spuse, vă aşteptăm la concert!