Russ – 3:15

Russ a lansat piesa intitulata “3:15”. Instrumental produs de Russ. Auditie placuta!


All I ever tried to do was help you understand and grow
Light the way for truths that if not for me simply wouldn’t show
Unless you get somebody else who’s on my level but you know
That there’s no one on my level you gon realize if you don’t
I wish you would own up to your flaws
And just say that you’re wrong when you’re wrong
Instead of acting like you’re right
Then it turns into a fight
Now you storming out my house in the middle of the night

How come when I love somebody part of me don’t wanna stay
Everytime I get too close I just start pushin them away
Oh oh
Maybe I just wanna leave before they try to leave me first
Maybe I don’t wanna need them till they say they need me first
Oh oh

Damned if I do
Damned if I don’t
Drank tequila
I can’t drive home
Hard to play cool
Heart belongs to
You I know that
If I show that

I keep my walls up if you want me then you better start to climb
Women who love me aren’t rare women who mean it hard to find
Something tells me that I’m right about you please don’t prove me wrong
They say loves a song for fools who are wise enough to sing along